We are all familiar with Keanu Reaves and his marvelous talent on the little screens. But the thing is that most of his fans don’t know anything about his personal life and the way he acts around people. Unfortunately, the truth is, his real life story is sad, and that’s exactly what made him such a great person.

His dad left the family when Keanu was only three, and he was 13 the last time he met his dad. There were many stepfathers and many homes, scattered between Sydney, New York and Toronto.

Life gave him a tough challenge. His partner, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn baby when she was eight months pregnant. She died in a car accident weeks later.

Keanu’s younger sister Kim suffered from leukemia in the 1990’s. She struggled with the terrible disease for a decade, and Keanu was always by her side. This decade made Keanu a strong person, and he donated money to cancer charities. This was the reason he established his foundation in honor of his sister. His name was never mentioned.

This private foundation funds cancer research, and supports children’s wards and kids’ hospitals. Since he never claimed credit for this, and no one knew what he was up to, this is what makes him a wonderful person.

In 2008, he volunteered man the phones at a Stand Up to Cancer telethon. He was also a goalkeeper during a charity ice hockey match organized for the Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment. SCORE is founded as a way to support players who struggle with spinal injuries.

The world knows everything about Keanu’s charitable work. A Reddit user bo2dd2 worked with Keanu on set of Chain Reaction. It was a great experience for everyone. Keanu took stage hands and grunt workers for breakfast and lunch, and it was really nice to work with him. According to this person, there’s no other actor like Keanu.

A family friend of the user had problems, and the person actually worked on the set of the Matrix. When Keanu heard about the family trouble, he gave the man $20,000.

During the set of the Matrix Reloaded, Keanu rewarded every person in his team (special effects) with Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was their Christmas present.

Millions from his personal earnings ended up in the hands of crews who worked with him on the trilogy. Some estimate that the actor gave $75 to $100 million to the guys that worked alongside him behind the scenes.

Keanu never brags about his wealth. Moreover, he looks like a normal guy with his clothes and attitude. He uses public transport and eats where you eat. He is just a simple guy who did some really good job for those in need.

Hopefully, other actors and public persons will follow his example. Instead of enjoying the money he earned on set, Keanu shared it with crews.


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